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Top 10 Reasons Your Practice Needs PractiSafe - The Secure and Reliable Online Backup Solution from Open Health IT


1. You do not have a consistent strategy for backing up desktops, laptops, and Windows servers.

Not backing up your computer systems opens the door to liabilities and huge losses in revenue and reputation.

2. You want a reliable offsite backup solution that works.

PractiSafe combines market leadership in storage solutions with award-winning software so you enjoy worry-free backup.

3. You don’t have months or years to roll out a backup solution.

Easier and faster than an in-house deployment, PractiSafe may be deployed to an entire practice in less than a week.

4. You aren’t willing to compromise security for convenience.

Use an automatically generated encryption key with 448-bit Blowfish technology or manage your own private key with 256-bit AES encryption during storage. 128-bit SSL connection protects your data during transfer.

5. You want a set-and-forget backup solution that you don’t have to constantly monitor.

Open Health IT technicians can schedule your backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or as frequently as every two hours for near continuous backup.

6. Your IT staff and budget are already overextended.

Stop wasting time and money with external hard drives, stacks of CDs, and traditional tape backup systems. PractiSafe frees up your time to focus on core business activities.

7. You don’t want to pay for software you aren’t using.

PractiSafe is flexible. Open Health IT will help you determine how many licenses and how much storage you need and that’s what you pay for.

8. You want a full backup solution without the onsite integration and maintenance hassles.

PractiSafe requires no integration with your existing infrastructure. The Open Health IT technician will download and install the application, then select the files you want to back up.

9. You’re tired of the headaches associated with backing up remote and branch offices.

The PractiSafe backup software allows for central and remote office backup from one easy-to-manage console.

10. You have a limited budget to spend on backup and prefer a simple payment plan.

PractiSafe requires no capital expenditure for hardware, very little upfront cost, and minimal administrative overhead to maintain. All you pay is one simple monthly subscription payment.





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